Industry News: ADI, PSA Security, Other Distributors Discuss Dealer Support

ADI, PSA Security, Other Distributors Discuss Dealer Support

This SSI roundtable brings together execs from ADI Global, PSA Security, Jenne, PowerHouse Alliance and more to talk about how they are better serving security dealers and integrators.

The best wholesale equipment distributors play a role in the electronic security industry not unlike that of an experienced traffic cop placed at a super-busy intersection — expertly directing products so supply channel traffic flows as smoothly as possible from the manufacturers to the dealers and integrators and on to the end customers.

Skilled distributor expertise and support along with timely delivery are essential for keeping everyone on the road to satisfaction and success. Of course, the logistics, demands and challenges of inventory management and distribution are a bit more complex than waving vehicles to stop or move on.

New technologies both on the products and supply side, services, business models, competition, commoditization, consolidation, economics and other significant changes and catalysts are continuously in play nowadays. Security distributors must remain on top of it all while maintaining an uninterrupted flow of dealer/ integrator solutions that nurtures long-term relationships based on responsiveness and trust.

Dennis Holzer (Executive Director, PowerHouse Alliance): “Wireless networking has been quickly growing, with mesh networks products and wireless extenders being the hottest products. The race is on to cut the cords. In the security category, surveillance devices and cameras are in high demand. Consumers today want their family and property to be secure. They can now have peace of mind and monitor any activity on their property via smartphone apps from home or afar. High-end TVs are also of particular interest, specifically for sizes above 65 inches. Because customers are spending more time at home, larger high-end TVs for entertainment are in demand.”

Does your company sell direct to end users? How much of an issue is manufacturers circumventing the distribution channel? What about DIY and MIY?

Holzer: "We do not sell to end users; PowerHouse is an alliance of wholesale distributors that sell only to dealers or integrators. There are issues with manufacturers selling directly to the end users through portals on their websites, which can lead to problems that sometimes distributors have to address. Many factories don’t have the personnel to offer the level of customer service required for direct sales. DIY for us isn’t a major concern, because our integrators mostly work with those who want a more complex, integrated system that requires their expertise."